Tanglewood Sue

  • Why I'm NOT hosting a Private Paid Group (and how you can keep it that way)

    Here is my plan: I'm not selling the experience; the experience is FREE. Share the LIVE, comment, enjoy. Ask me whatever you want, while I paint for you. Instead, I will be selling what we create together. The art. The art itself. Not the invitation to the show. The PRODUCT of the show.

  • A House Remembered

    Houses are adventures and heartbreakers.
    Every nook and cranny can trigger a memory. 
    Have you ever had a house you loved so much it basically imprinted on you even though it wasn’t even yours?
  • Somebody Fun Lives Here!

    I LOVE the expression of a colorful home. It tells me fun and loving people live here. People who are bold and unafraid. People who take chances and say what they mean... Inspired by my love of colorful homes, I recently created a whimsical houses painting that - if they were real homes - would hold the promise, delight, and warmth of a wild and bold friend.
  • Boho Opal-Affect Buffet: Create This Look With Paint!

    You know me; I love me some Boho style. Like, we're life partners kinda love! And opals are just so dang pretty. So imagine the fun I had bringing these two special things together. This is a how-to on creating a unique Tanglewood Boho opal-affect paint finish that I'd love for you to try on your next project.
  • The Classes are Here; The Classes are Here!

    New Online Interactive classes are LIVE. Only 5 slots each. Grab them while you can. Offering classes online has been a long time coming and I'm so excited that we have put together our LIVE Interactive ONLINE class schedule for the Summer!
  • Dyeing Cement With Paint

    This season there has been a LOT to work out which - I suppose - is why my art collection has tripled in the last few weeks; Flower art, Opal Dressers, Seaside Escapes, and yes, even planters.... with an amazing faux verdigris affect finish.
  • Go Bold! Paint Pouring a Table

    Tanglewood Sue creates a stunning and eclectically boho paint finish on both a vintage chair and a coffee table by pouring a colorful swirl of Miss Lillian's NO WAX Chock Paint over it's surface. See how she created this look!
  • Recurring Dreams

    Come take a trip down memory lane with your one and only Tanglewood Sue.
  • Tanglewood Sue's easy guide to staining concrete floors.

    Looking for a new DIY project without having to purchase more new materials?

    Tanglewood Sue shows you not one, not two, but three easy ways to give your concrete floors a full makeover with the leftover paint cans sitting lonely in your garage.

  • The New Sue Review is BACK baby!

    Yes Fans. What does the world need now? Humor and Crafting! That's what.  That's why despite confinement and a lack of a vast talent pool, I have ...
  • No Sew DIY Face Mask with Tanglewood Sue

    You do not have to be overwhelmed by the current face masks shortage.  Tanglewood shows you an easy way to make a No Sew DIY face mask with materials you already have at home. Comedy and safety, you have never seen a better combo.
  • No more excuses to not create!

    How many times have we wished we had enough time to mark off some items from our long unfinished projects list? Now, all we have is time!. Take advantage of your spare time and CREATE. Let Tanglewood Sue guide you on how to jumpstart into this new creative process.