It's Shimm'ah Time

The Holidays are coming! There... Some of you are relishing the thought but other of us are, as we are each year, terrified of the to do lists that are already forming. 

While we follow all the protocols necessary to kick COVID in the Ass, this year's Holidays may not look or feel like the special days we're used to. I usually set a huge table but this year it will be much smaller I'm sure.

That doesn't mean we can't find creative ways to add some spooky or festive sparkle and fun to our homes - and most especially (we need it!) - to our lives.

We've recently stocked the shop with a myriad of metallics that will add the perfect shimmer to your furniture revamp or your handmade gifts!

These gilding jewels (metallic waxes) are so special and I just HAD to use them them on my Purple Diva Boho Chair

Purple Diva Boho Chair - Tanglewood Sue

On the calendar soon: Halloween
Check out the paint pour pumpkins I made last year. Yep: I used metallic paint!

Shimmer Pumpkin - Tanglewood Sue

Shimmer Pumpkins - Tanglewood Sue

Shimmer Pumpkins - Tanglewood Sue

I'm most definitely going to make some again for Halloween, only this time I'm going to use Miss Lillian's Metallic Paints. They worked so amazingly well on my paint pour chair and table that I just know they'll be perfect for my pumpkins!

Miss Lillian's Metallic Paints - Tanglewood Works Shop

I Would LOVE to be Your Furniture Painting Coach!

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Shimm'ah Shimm'ah Shimm'ah

Be Kind Kiddos!
P.S. Here's a PIN for you! :-)
Shimmer Drip Pumpkins - Pinterest


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I think you are awesome.

Cheryl Atkinson

I think you are awesome.

Cheryl Atkinson

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