Purple Diva Boho Chair Makeover

Have you been staring at that boring old chair and wondering whether to chuck it  or just deal with it?

Purple Diva BoHo Chair - Before - Tanglewood Sue

Why not reinvent it?

This month I completely reinvented an old stained chair into an amazing purple Diva. Just Like me :-)

Tanglewood Sue - I love teaching!

Yes!! Yes I do!

For a visual guide on the re-invention of this fun BoHo chair, check out my new video.


The fun thing about a blog though is that I get to share written directions with y'all too!

Dyeing Upholstery

1. Find a chair with good bones and intact upholstery. Nothing ripped for this makeover. Wash out any stains that you can. Most will be covered but dark stains may show through. Stiff Fabric is best.

2. Pick your favorite Miss Lillian's NO Wax Chock Paint color. Choose a color that is more intense than the final color you want to achieve. We'll be watering down the paint. You'll find a list of the colors I used on this Boho chair at the end of this post.

Miss Lillian's NO Wax Chock Paint - Tanglewood Works

3. Start by mixing your paint = 3 parts water to one part paint. 

4. If you can, pick an inconspicuous place to test your paint such as the underside of the cushion or on the back of the sofa. We want to make sure the water-to-paint ratio is correct.

5. Spray a small area with water to gently saturate the fabric.

6. Apply your watered down paint with a brush. If the color is opaque you do not have enough water in the paint and your finish will be stiff. Think of this process as doing a layered watercolor. Not an oil piece. You're dyeing the fabric; not painting it.

Scrubby Pad7. Let the upholstery fully dry. If the fabric has a crunchy texture (not uncommon), use your scrubby pad over the whole fabric surface. This will soften the finish. If the dyed fabric is already soft, you're good to go. *Note about scrubbies: be sure they're a quality brand (Scotch, for example); less quality scrubbies have been known to bleed color... even the natural colored ones. Quality all the way!

8. Repeat this process until you get the color you want to achieve.

Dyed fabric upholstery - Miss Lillian's NO Wax Chock Paint - Tanglewood Sue

9. Choose any embellishments you want to add. I added stencils and and stamps. Go crazy!! I used an IOD Decor Stamp... you'll find details in the materials list below.

IOD Decor Stamp - Lady of Shalott - Tanglewood Works

IOD Decor Stamp - Lady Shalott - Tanglewood Sue

10. After your paint-dyed upholstery has had time to cure (10 days or so) test for colorfastness. If any color rubs off you may opt to use clear wax if you want a leather effect, or watered down topcoat like Miss Lillian's Exterior Luster (in the flat or "Lack" sheen) to protect your paint.

Testing for colorfast - paint-dyed upholstery - Miss Lillian's NO Wax Chock Paint - Tanglewood Sue

Painting the Wood

Again, I love using Miss Lillian's NO Wax Chock Paint for projects like this!

1. If your piece is glossy or has details like mind did, give it a good clean using First Step Prep.

Glossy surface needs prep - Tanglewood Sue

2. Paint your fave color straight out of the bottle. Oh ya!

3. Once dry you can add metallic waxes and jewels to give your creation some sparkle. Once the wax is dry buff to a shine.

Miss Lillian's Metallics - Tanglewood Works

4. You are all done! No other topcoats needed. Just enjoy.

Purple Diva Boho Chair - Tanglewood Sue

Now... what materials do you need to recreate this look on a piece of your furniture? Here you go! 

Materials Used to Create This Gorgeous Boho Look


Four fabulous colours from the Miss Lillian's NO Wax Chock Paint line. These images are clickable.

Color Me Happy - Miss Lillian's NO Wax Chock Paint - Tanglewood WorksCrown Jewel - Miss Lillian's NO Wax Chock Paint - Tanglewood WorksRegal - Miss Lillian's NO Wax Chock Paint - Tanglewood WorksWild Violet - Miss Lillian's NO Wax Chock Paint - Tanglewood Works

Metallic Waxes

Amazing metallic waxes from Redesign with Prima: Metallique Wax in two delicious colours. These images are clickable, too.

       Redesign with Prima Metallique Wax - Electric Violet - Tanglewood Works Redesign with Prima Metallique Wax - Indian Pink - Tanglewood Works

Metallic Paints, Waxes and Inks

You'll find a rainbow of other delicious metallic wax colors - in both the Miss Lillian's and the Redesign with Prima lines - as well as metallic paints and inks over in the Tanglewood Works online shop. If you guessed that the image blow is clickable, you'd be right! ;-) And of course it'll take you directly to our "Metallics Collection" over in shop.

Metallic Waxes, Paints & Inks - Tanglewood Works


IOD Decor Stamps are a great tool for applying painted images on your creations. For the Purple Diva Boho Chair I used a pattern called "Lady of Shalott" (yep... clickable image).

If you have any questions about the materials and tools I used on my Purple Diva Boho Chair, don't hesitate to get in touch or leave a comment here.

Thanks... and Be Kind Kiddos!
P.S. Here's a PIN for you pin! :-)
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