Go Bold! Paint Pouring a Table

So you've got a boring old coffee table. Sure, you could paint it, stain it, stencil it, decoupage it. The possibilities are endless.

But... what if you want to make it a one of a kind creation? What if you want it to scream “Maximalist Masterpiece!” Or maybe “Bodacious BOHO”?

If you're an all-in, bring on the eccentric kinda person (who ME?!), then you've come to the right place.

Tanglewood Sue

My client wanted a true Tanglewood Sue creation and naturally, I aim to please. I knew that folks were loving paint pours on coasters and canvases but I had yet to see this technique actually used on a chair or a tabletop.

I also know that using acrylic paints and silicone would not be good for adhering to furniture. Chalk Paints are best for furniture but how to combine the qualities of both to get good adhesion and durability, AND cool swirly, non muddy colors?

The best product for the job was Miss Lillians NO WAX Chock Paint because it sticks like chalk paint but swirls and dries like an acrylic paint.

Before pouring paint on to my client's table, I decided to do a test project. So I grabbed an old vintage chair and paint poured the hell out of it!

Tanglewood Sue Paint Pour Vintage Chair


If you want to see this particular, fun experiment in LIVE action, showing the whole process, head over to Facebook via these links:

Once I had this process mastered, it was time to bring out the big guns.. the table. Check out these results!!

Paint Pour Table

I knew you guys would want to know how the heck I did this so here - straight from my YouTube channel (have you subscribed?!) - is my full tutorial.

Please let me know if you give this a try because I'd love to see your results!

**Find my list of supplies for this project HERE**

Be Kind Kiddos!   Tanglewood Sue

And hey... here's a Pin :-)

Tanglewood Sue Paint Poured Projects

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