Chartreuse Dresser: A Color Mixing Story

This color mixing store is about Chartreuse, and a whole lot more...

Chartreuse Dresser: A Color Mixing Story

This fresh, vibrant color was created using Miss Lillian's NO Wax Chock Paint in LimelightOnyx and Urban Farmhouse as well as Antiquing Glaze for enhancing corners and edges.

No chalk paint brand has my favorite color! Honestly. How can chartreuse - the color I adore - not be a part of every paint line?! Even to paint my store I had to mix 2 different Benjamin Moore colors to get the right shade of chartreuse.

I used to make all my own clothes but refused to learn to sew. Let me tell you, the fact I came home from school with my clothes intact was a bloody miracle. I was all style and NO skill. I even learned to dye clothes when I couldn’t find the color I wanted.

I honestly can’t tell you whether it was more about achieving the vision I had in my head or the fact that I always had to walk to the beat of another drummer. I just never wanted what everybody else had or whatever was in style or whatever was easy to purchase. I know I just made things so difficult for myself sometimes. But the thing is, it never seemed like a choice. I was compelled.

Tanglewood Sue - To the beat of my own drummer

Are you like that too? Do you find it just impossible to go with the flow with style trends?

Chartreuse Dresser - Before - Tanglewood Sue

Every now and then there’s a perfect storm where the color I love actually gets its turn in the spotlight. It’s very rare but when it happens, I actually hate it. Sure, now every single thing I could ever imagine comes in my favorite color which should make me thrilled but it rarely does. Because now what is special to me will be “dated” or passé once Target has used it to death.

Chartreuse Dresser - Tanglewood Sue

Well I love a true chartreuse. It’s bold. It’s not yellow. It’s not green. It’s not mustard or olive. Nature adores this color and it’s everywhere you look outside but it’s a color most are scared to bring indoors.

Chartreuse Dresser Tanglewood Sue

Too intense or too bright? Not for me. I love how it pairs with grey or blue or even fuchsia. It just makes me happy! Problem: it’s impossible to find. That’s okay 'cause it gave me a problem to solve. And with Miss Lillian's NO Wax Chock Paint, I did just that! I experimented with some pretty unlikely color mixes until I got my perfect blend.

Chartreuse Dresser Tanglewood Sue

Looking to create this color? You'll find Limelight, Onyx and Urban Farmhouse in my online shop. Don't forget to grab some Antiquing Glaze while you're over there... I used this amazing product to create depth around the edges of the drawers. So good!!

Chartreuse Dresser Custom Color - Tanglewood Sue

Of course I mixed these colors and painted this dresser LIVE with y'all over on my Facebook page! I've compiled a Chartreuse Dresser Video Playlist so that you can easily follow along through each session. You'll find all the tips and tricks there.

One last photo for you... doesn't the Chartreuse Dresser look absolutely fabulous with my "A Hummingbird Flew Into My Painting" original art?! (note: painting not to scale). The colors of nature really do love chartreuse!!

"A Hummingbird Flew Into My Painting" Original Art by Tanglewood Sue

Tell me... is there a color you love but can't find? Want me to help you mix it? Send me a picture and I’ll happily give it a shot.

Thanks... and Be Kind Kiddos!
P.S. Here's a PIN for you pin! :-)
Chartreuse Dresser Tanglewood Sue PIN
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I’m currently looking for the perfect chartreuse for my 50s kitchen. It’s impossible to find, I love what you have create! Is this practical for painting walls?

Melisa L Mann

I’m currently looking for the perfect chartreuse for my 50s kitchen. It’s impossible to find, I love what you have create! Is this practical for painting walls?

Melisa L Mann

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I recognize that piece! Love what you did with it!!!!

Debbie Carty

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