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ULTIMATE Cabinet Paint - Holiday Wreath

ULTIMATE Cabinet Paint - Holiday Wreath

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Miss Lillian’s NO WAX Chock Paint Introduces a DIY’ers Dream: ULTIMATE CABINET PAINT!


ULTIMATE Cabinet paint is 100% Acrylic Based Paint and formulated for Ultimate Durability making it PERFECT for a Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets and Shelving makeover! Available in 32oz (Quart) Size Only.


ULTIMATE Cabinet Paint Features:


100% Acrylic Based

Household Chemical resistant

Excellent Adhesion allowing it to bond to a wide variety of substrates with proper PREP.

Dries quickly to a Satin Smooth, Enamel-like Finish with fewer brush marks

Easily applied with Paint Brush, Foam Roller or Sprayer

ULTIMATE Cabinet Paint teams up perfectly with FIRST STEP Prep, Prevention and our Duro-Shield Luster Topcoat for the ULTIMATE Cabinet Makeover!


Available in 49 of our Most Popular and Trendy Miss Lillian’s Colors.


FAQ: Q: Can I order a custom color?


A: Yes, you can order a custom color. We can make our Cabinet Paint from any of the Colors from Our NO WAX Chock Paint Line. There is a 4 Quart Minimum Purchase (of the same color) for Custom Colors.

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