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Tanglewood Works

Someone Fun Lives Here

Someone Fun Lives Here

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I lLOVE the expression of a colorful home. It tells me fun and loving people live here. People who are bold and I afraid. People who take chances and say what they mean.

I know. I put a lot of meaning into a colorful facade but it’s often correct. I even moved to San Francisco just to be surrounded by such homes and people. 

It was an amazing city to experience your 20’s. Too poor to eat fancy dinners or buy fancy clothes, it didn’t matter. Art and color and cheap amazing food was everywhere. Until it wasn’t.
until the dot com boom a bust. Where everything was snatched up by Silicon Valley. all my artis friends had to leave their funky cheap lofts to make way for programmers.  Friends moved on and so did I.

I now live back in the east coast but I still miss those colorful houses that promised a likely friend  

This painting was inspired by the promise of those homes  . The delight and the warmth of a wild and bold friend  

I live  in a farmhouse  not a Victorian but I’m repainting my home with wild color so folks know the type of people that live inside and that they are welcome  

Original art painted by Tanglewood Sue on found wood using Chalk and Acrylic paints. 

size 41x18x1 

signed and sealed by Tanglewood Sue

painted on salvaged wood

Shipping is NOT included. Tanglewood Works will contact you with the rate to mail original art to you upon purchase.

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