Tanglewood Works Sue's Wicked Wax by Miss Lillians (clear)

Sue's Wicked Wax by Miss Lillians (clear 16oz)

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Do you know who create's the most AH-mazing wax on this planet?

Miss Lillians No Wax Chock Paint, that's who! I know right!?!?

Ironic as it may be, this wax is da bomb!

I first tried this wax when I was experimenting with my Tanglewood Sue-per Shifters. I called Miss Lillians and said "We have got to sell this!" and lucky for you she said OK.

Here are things to note about this wax

  • It can be used to thin all other Miss Lillians Waxes (including all Sue-Per Shifters)
  • It gives the clearest and hardest wax finish of any furniture waxes Ive ever tried
  • It can be applied with a rag or a brush
  • You only need a very thin coat
  • Buffing will harden the wax and give it a luminous shine

Directions for Use:

  1. Apply sparingly with a brush, a cloth or a buffing pad
  2. Allow wax to dry to the touch
  3. Buff with a clean dry cloth, buffing brush or buffing pad to harden the wax and create the perfect luster.