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Sue's Puddin' Potion by Miss Lillians (2oz) | Chalk & Clay Paint |

Sue's Puddin' Potion by Miss Lillians (2oz) | Chalk & Clay Paint |

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Introducing the enchanting addition to Sue's Hues Porcelain Paint: Sue's Puddin' Potion by Miss Lillians, the incredible magic potion that thickens it in a matter of minutes.

Sue's Hues was meticulously crafted to have a delicate consistency, allowing for effortless layering and quick drying. But hey, why settle for ordinary when you can explore the extraordinary? Unleash the boundless potential of thickened paint and make it perfectly tailored to your preferences.

Experience faster coverage with fewer layers, thanks to the marvel of thickened paint. It's like painting with a turbo boost!

But that's not all – with our magical potion, you can now emboss captivating designs directly into the paint. Transform your artwork into a tactile masterpiece, bursting with texture and depth.

Indulge your creative spirit and effortlessly create mesmerizing layers for that timeless, old-world charm. Sue's Hues and the magic potion are your ticket to unlocking artistic possibilities like never before.

So go ahead, embrace the magic, and paint your world with flair and sass!

Directions for Use:

Add approximately 1 teaspoon to one ounce of paint for thickened paint overnight.

To speed up the process add more potion ( a little at a time) and wait 5 minutes to see level of thickness. 

Paint will continue to thicken so only create what you need per project :)

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