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Shifting Perspective Upcycled Textile Art

Shifting Perspective Upcycled Textile Art

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Shifting Perspective is part 3 in my "Art it out" series. 

Having my mother move in with me the very year I separate and send my last child off too college was an interesting turn of events. The blessing of extracting my Mom out of an emotionally abusive marriage was felt on every level. SO was the stress of not getting the blessed freedom my body was craving after so many years of caregiving.

The joy of resuming our mother daughter adventures again was also fraught with the stress of her declining memory. As my mother prepares to move into her own apartment once again and my body prepares for blessed freedom, i am also saddened that our year together is coming to a close. 

This piece shifts from pink to green to blue as you move it around, just as my perspective shifts daily. Happy for my mother's continued adventures (and mine) while also preparing for the emptiness of my home once again. 

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