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Ruined-Upcycled textile Art (Art it out series)

Ruined-Upcycled textile Art (Art it out series)

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Upcycled Towel, Ink and Paint

A family member (who shall remained unidentified) was in my studio recently and in her haste to remove an item she wanted to take with her (it was large-very large) She accidentally knocked over an entire display onto a table where I had been working on one of my most favorite and most detailed paintings  

Was it damaged? -YES

Was it RUINED? -I certainly thought so at that horrible moment.

I spent about a week painstakingly repairing the detail back to where even I could no longer see where it had been altered  

It exhausted me to no end to A. Redo what I had already done and was so happy with and B. To have to be precise. I don't do precise!

So this was my rebound art. Created from a towel I layered with abandon. No thought to anything I'd done before, no care for creating a vibe or even a color scheme.

I just poured paint and ink and mica until it yelled at me that it was done and that I was OK.

She looks kinda like stained glass now if you ask me. She glistens with healing powers :)

Tanglewood Sue


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