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Tanglewood Works

Painted Rage Couch

Painted Rage Couch

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Strange name I know! This piece was created during an extremely tumultuous time in my life. It was only supposed to be a pretty pink couch but when I had to confront and navigate with a destructively abusive  step member of my family I had to put my rage somewhere. 

I went kinda crazy on this piece and it went from a sofa, to therapy, to sculpture. 
Yes, you can sit on her.

No, the paint will not rub off. 
She feels like new leather. comfortable but not truly cozy.

She is meant to be on display. Rage may have made her but joy is her vibe. 

Interested in creating your own? This couch was created using Miss Lillian's No Wax Chock Paint because it has the best coverage, and also has a built in topcoat so you can keep your piece feeling like leather.

Colors Used: 

Ocean Depths, Bohemian Queen, Raspberry Sorbet, Chloe Moon, Smooth Jazz, Kiss Kiss, Urban Farmhouse, Venice, Jaded Parrot, Sue-Treuse, Buckskin, Sea Mist


She’s available for purchase or for rent for special events or occasions. 
Contact me directly for art installations

shipping is available for an additional fee

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