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On thin ice

On thin ice

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“On thin ice”


painted with Sue’s Hues on canvas


Ya know I always tell people to work through their stress or their sadness with creativity. 
I find that I too need to remind myself to do this or even have someone remind me. 
The holiday season brings many joys but also, at least for me, intensifies all my feels. Both the good and the bad. 
I can be laughing till I cry one minute and crying till I laugh the next. 
To save my family from the drama of my emotions I went into the studio and grabbed a canvas. 
I was not in the mood to clean or repair furniture or in any way prep something before I could dig in. 
Luckily this canvas was already prepped and ready for my angst. 
I really did not have a plan other than to feel better. 
I grabbed my soul soothing pinks and blues and let it rip. I’m not really surprised by what emerged. 
A winter sunset is always a glorious site and as I saw it’s reflection emerge in the water I felt my muscles unclench. 
The last step for me was to add some snow, because to me, snow means slow. A day to slow down. Take it easy and rejuvenate. 
So that’s the story of the evolution of this piece. 
I hope you only experience where this process brought me around to feeling…peace. 

May you have much of it this year. 
-Tanglewood Sue

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