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Miss Lillians Chock Paint

MEN AT WORK-NEON Gilding Wax Jewels (Neon Orange)

MEN AT WORK-NEON Gilding Wax Jewels (Neon Orange)

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When you want to take your colors to an otherworldly intensity, you need these Neon Waxes! Miss Lillian's No Wax Chock Paint has created a full spectrum of Neon Jewel-toned gilding waxes that work on their own or combined with your favorite paint color.

For a paint company that does not require wax, she sure has created some amazing ones!

Use these to embellish your painted furniture, original art, picture frames, or any other painted surface you can think of. Try them with stencils even!

Not only do these colors intensify anything in natural light, but they do also GLOW under ultraviolet light.

Easy to Apply using your fingers or a brush.

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