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Family Holiday (Art it Out Series)

Family Holiday (Art it Out Series)

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We ALL known the stress of family gatherings right? Well because I have ADHD I am NEVER prepared for then overstimulation and overwhelm. Its like after every stressful event my brain magically resets itself and clears the cache on only the stress and remembers only the joy.

I mean, this is quite an amazing superpower that I have but I also create events expecting only jou and get blindsided by the inevitable metldowns.

This year whenever I felt my reptilian brain taking over my rational thoughts I went (RAN) to my studio.

I cannot work on detail work when I am in these modes. That may just add to the stress. Only experimental work will do and this is one of my absolute Favorites.

The glow of the metallics and the ink to me make it look like opaque stained glass. 

Hang it where you can see it whenever you need to remember to breathe.

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