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Tanglewood Works

Custom Furniture Painting

Custom Furniture Painting

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Why Buy New When You can Make it YOU!

Save your $$ & Reinvent What You already Have.


 Call Tanglewood Sue So We Can Create a Custom Furniture Design Just For You!

Phone: 415-595-9839 

I love teaching you how to upcycle and paint your furniture using Debi's Design Diary Paints, Dixie Belle Paints but if you prefer, YES! I can use our paints to reinvent your piece for you in any way you'd like. Seriously, Have you seen the way new furniture is made today? Its not even wood! It will last you maybe a couple of years whereas vintage pieces are solidly made and will last you a lifetime.

So Meet Tanglewood Sue

Sue Mondeel, Crazy Ass Craft Coach, The First of her Name, Painter of House Mondeel, Keeper of the Color Wheel, Protector of Small Businesses, Queen of all things BoHo, Breaker of All Rules and Mother of Moody Teens, to paint your piece for you, you have decided that you want a "Tanglewood Sue" kinda piece and that means COLOR, and TEXTURE, and PATTERNS, and most of all FUN!

Most of my clients just give me a color palette and a few images and just say "Go for it Sue!" If you are not ready for such trust just yet :) we can have a design consultation and really make sure you are on board with your furnitures new look.

Its kinda like I'm your hairdresser. Once you work with me for awhile you'll just say "Gimme something new, something fun, I know I'll love it!"


Hand Painted BoHo Furniture

Call Tanglewood Sue So We Can Create a Custom Furniture Design Just For You!

Phone: 415-595-9839 

Hand Painted Furniture


I think you can already tell that we LOVE what we do. We also love working directly with clients in the DC, Virginia and Maryland regions to design the perfect custom painted furniture piece for your home. We use a variety of  chalk style paints and finishes including Debi's Design Diary DIY Chalk and Clay paints, and our own specialty formulated Renegade Chalk style paints. We can also color match any paint color you may already have your heart set on.

Here's How it works:

  1. Step one is to email Sue at and include pictures of your furniture as well as any links (Pinterest works great for this) or attachments to inspiration shots.
  2. Our Senior Dumpster Diva, Sue, will email you back with an estimate and work options as well as a window to drop off your items at the workshop in Mt. Rainier. (Pickup and Delivery is also available for an added Fee)
  3. We will get a deposit of 50% of the estimated price and set a finish date. Full payment and pickup will be due at this agreed upon date.
  4. Bring your work of art into your home, throw a party and show the world how funky and cool you are. You don't have to invite us to your party of course but we do bring a party wherever we go!
  5. just one rule. We don’t paint white. Not off white. Not bright white or antique white. We are about bringing color to your life. If you want white we can sell you amazing white paint, but we don’t do white :)

Specialty finishes:

Metallics, multilayered colors, image transfers, decoupage, Chippy, Rustic and any combination you choose. Just take a look at our latest creations.


Hand Painted Furniture

Custom Boho Fabric Design

Custom Fabric Design Hand Painted Furniture

Color Blending With Any Colors You Choose

Hand Painted Furniture

How About Some Metallics?

Metallic Hand Painted Furniture

Or Even Stencils Perhaps?

stencils Hand Painted Furniture

Whatever you can find or dream up Tanglewood Sue can Paint for you:

blended beauty Hand Painted Furniture


Painting, Minor repair, Delivery, & Design Consultation

Estimates: (we do set a 350.00 minimum so if you have smaller items bring them to us all at once to meet the minimum for a custom order)

Dresser $450-$750

Side tables – $200-$350

Mirrors – $80-$300

Desks – $300-$450

Bed Frames $300-$700

Buffets $350-$850

Chairs $150 – $250

Dining Tables – $400-$850

China Hutch – $400-$650

Wardrobe -$400-$650


Tanglewood Sue

Hand Painted Furniture



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