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"Single Again" Upcycled Textile (Art it Out part 1)

"Single Again" Upcycled Textile (Art it Out part 1)

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"Single Again"- although this was is my choice and completely amicable, nothing prepared me for becoming an empty nester and newly single woman in the exact same year. The battle between loneliness and  intoxicating freedom left their colorful scars on this piece.

With the successful processing of negative emotions into joy and color through the painting of my "Rage" couch now aptly named Regina, I knew I was onto something.

Painting fabric proved so intensely satisfying I was on a hunt for more couches to paint. My hunt proved unsuccessful but as i perused the local thrift shops I can another idea.

What if I didn't need an entire couch? What if I created little mini upholstered individual emotional therapy sessions??? 

I moved from the furniture department to the fabric section and found TOWELS! Yes, textured towels might be just the ticket.

The texture and form or this canvas allowed more manipulation than a mere standard canvas could ever offer. Scraping and painting and bending and mushing proved immensely satisfying and resulted in quiet a beautiful transformation. 

Whenever I am stressed my therapist tells me to "Art it out" so I've created an entire collection of textile boards to have at the ready :)

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