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Vicious Circle Hand Painted Armoire

Vicious Circle Hand Painted Armoire

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Wanna know how to break the internet?

Paint circles on an an armoire 😂

That’s ok with with me because tho reaction to this piece launched the next evolution of my furniture art. 

I wanted to have some fun testing out my new paint line Sue’s Hues porcelain paint by testing the mix of blues and greens to see how many new shades I could create in one piece. 

I was honestly not prepared for the backlash of my unorthodox design. Who doesn’t love bubbles, or berries, or balloons, or whatever you see when you gaze at her. 

I think it is so important to keep pushing back against the boundaries of what is “acceptable” that I am gonna try for at least the next year, maybe forever to paint ANYTHING but what non believers consider appropriate home decor. 

Contact me for shipping, rental, installations or custom designs. 

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