Introducing Sue's Hues Porcelain Furniture Paint by Miss Lillians

The first furniture paint line with 8 pinks and only 1 Neutral!

After 12 years as a furniture artist I have dreamt of all the ways I would craft the perfect furniture paint. Well the time has come my friends. I have teamed up with the most amazing furniture paint line, Miss lillian's Chock Paint. We combined my color enthusiasm and Marilyn's mad scientist paint making skills to create a uniquely fabulous clay based paint specifically invented for furniture artists.

Check out our opening furniture paint Color Line!

Sue's Hues Clay paint in Action

So how are these furniture chalk paints different?

And how do you use them??

I'm glad you asked.

  1. Sue's Hues are a clay based furniture and canvas paint, and therefore dry quickly, can be mixed and layered and will reconsitute with water.
  2. Shake the bottle very well and pour out a small amount. A little goes a very long way.
  3. Use your brush of choice (I prefer a softer brush for the first coat). Paint on in circular up and down or stippling motions but do not try to get full coverage on the first pass.
  4. Let dry and add additional layers through your favorite painting techniques. Mix up colors to get the full advantage of the translucent paint qualities (think guache or watercolor)
  5. The shade of the paint that dries is lighter than the final shade. Spritz with water while painting to get a better idea of final color.
  6. To reactivate paint, mist with water and use a brush to move the top layers of paints around. (the longer you wait the harder the paint gets so keep this in mind) This will be harder to do after a few days.
  7. Once you get to your desired shade and opacity seal with Wicked Wax or your favorite sealant. Any will work.
  8. Use your mister to dilute the paint more if you want. Use Puddin Potion to make it thicker. This is a brand new paint so just experiment and have fun.

the Lucky 13 sue's hues furniture paints have arrived

The Lucky 13 Furniture Paint Opening Lineup

Let's talk about the evolution of our color journey. We started with a mere 8 color ideas. Then it grew to 15, and before we knew it, we were rocking a mind-blowing 29 shades! Trust us, we've got plenty up our sleeves for future releases. But for now, let's focus on our debut collection.

Drumroll, please! I've handpicked the perfect color wheel for our grand entrance. These hues embody the sheer exuberance of a line that proudly bears my name (and even my likeness!). Get ready to be blown away because these specific colors were carefully selected to be mixed and matched, unleashing a universe of endless color possibilities!

So get ready to channel your inner artist and dive into the vibrant world of Tanglewood Sue's Perfect Color Wheel.

Introducing Sue's Wicked Wax for furniture & art

Wicked Wax

Unlike Miss Lillian's NO Wax paint, Sue's Hues is a clay-based furniture paint. Made from Porcelain Clay, it possesses a unique quality – the ability to reconstitute with water, even days after painting. This opens up endless blending and layering possibilities. However, keep in mind that this paint requires sealing.

To seal the deal, you have the freedom to use any topcoat you prefer. But here's the game-changer: Sue's Wicked Wax. Unlike water-based waxes, it remains crystal clear without any haze. Plus, it dries quickly and buffs to a hard shell.

Unleash the potential of Sue's Hues with the power of clay-based paint and wax.

Sue's Puddin Potion clay paint Thickener

If these paints are not enough of an exciting release, hold onto your hats my friends. We made a lot of choices in the paint recipe to lean the paint qualities towards ultimate blending and layering. For this reason Sue's Hues are more on the runny side and that is by design.

That being said, we know that sometimes you just need your paint to be thick. We get it. You want to emboss it, add texture, create raised stencils, etc…

We know you can use texture mediums to get a thicker consistency but those tend to wash out the color.

Sue's Puddin Potion to the rescue! Add a few drops of this to any of our paints and it will magically thicken the paint to any cosistancy that you desire.

Add a teaspoon per ounce and wait overnight or… if you are impatient, add a tablespoon and speed up the magic. Just know that it will keep on thickening so prepare what you need per project.

Check out the new Fall furniture paint collection

Fall Hues in Action

Winter hues furniture paints are here!

What will you create with sue's hues porcelain furniture paint?

Winter Hues in Action

This is the beginning of a very new and exciting adventure. This is a brand new paint both for me and for you. I can't wait to push it to the limit and i hope you will too.

Please comment with anything you learn or any questions you may have about what I may have found out.

Whatever you do please have a blast with this colorful furniture paint!


Tanglewood Sue

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Ok loaded question here- ready to reinvent! I have a medium size dresser and a very large dresser I would like to cover with the miss Lillian’s chalk black and one of the metallic waxes. How much will I need? I haven’t found info on how much square footage it will cover.

Brianna Schwep

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