About Us

Tanglewood works is Where UPCYCLING and ART CONNECT
Upcycling-Isn't that Recycling?

Not exactly. To recycle something is to use resources to break something down back into its core components in order to remake the original. You recycle glass to make more glass. You recycle paper to make more paper. The problem is that recycling glass takes a lot of time, energy, and cost to our natural resources.

What about Reuse?

Well reuse is always the best way to go if your only purpose is function. Don't recycle the jelly jar. Stick some more jelly in that jar!

SO tell me more about UPCYCLING:

So first lets define what it means to UPCYCLE.

Upcycling is the art of giving something discarded or broken an improved or more beautiful purpose.

This is not a new Hipster trend folks. Your Great Gramma was upcycling grain sacks into dresses long before we were making scarves from t-shirts. It's a time honored tradition of "usin' watcha got" and makin' it look hot". Even Miss Annie Sloan herself did not invent "Chalk" paint. She just got the trademark on the name. At Tanglewood Works we prefer to take upcycling as far as we can and we not only make our own "paint of the chalk variety" we teach you how to DIY at any of our classes or free demos.

Following the "Glass Jar" example here, rather than recycle the jar, or reuse the jar, we would color the jar and turn it into a lantern or even a chandelier. We would combine form and function together to create art from something destined for disposal.

So what will I find at Tanglewood Works Exactly?

When you arrive you will be greeted by the scents of homemade soaps and candles and a big hello from a member of Team Tanglewood.

You will find everything from hand painted vintage furniture for any room in your home, to handcrafted one-of-a kind gifts sure to make you the hostess with the "Mostess". Furniture includes dining sets, dressers, all kinds of storage, lighting and fanciful decor. We have handmade jewelry from silver spoons and even vintage hardware.

Inventory changes daily so come take a look and get inspired.

We are Tanglewood Works, Where Upcycling and Art Connect.

About Sue

My Many Incarnations

Former owner of SadieDey's Cafe, and Simply Sue Marketing and Promotions, a member of the Wild Anacostian (I sing too!), creator of the "Shabadaba Chic" line of furniture and jewelry and now the proud Proprietress of Tanglewood Works:

Here at Tanglewood Works, these varied roles and passions have come together as a project for the RePurposed, ReDesigned, ReImagined!.

It all started with a move from the CA Bay Area to fabulous Hyattsville/Riverdale Park sans any furniture whatsoever. We watched TV on patio chairs while I searched for my next project. Little did I know that my passion was finding me. My previous home was profiled for HGTV and various design blogs for its use of reclaimed materials and LOTS of color.

How could I fill our new home with what was left from the house downpayment? UPCYCLING of course! I'd always loved tuning trash to treasure and now I was on a mission. I've filled the house 3 times over with all my projects and what was a means to an end became Shabadaba Chic. I've sold at fairs and festivals, online and even in a booth inside of Community Forklift.

After consigning inside ForkliftI've upgraded into my own studio and showroom where I not only sell my Shabadaba Chic line of furniture, and my line of wood imprinted jewelry, "Against the Grain" I'm also taking this opportunity to showcase my fellow artists and upcyclers in the greater DC area.

Our collective mission is to bring beauty and creativity to what may have otherwise filled out landfills.