Dyeing Cement With Paint

When is painting more than painting? Always, if you ask me.

It's always an expression. Maybe of joy and maybe of fear or sadness, but I can't think of any time I've picked up a paint brush without some kind of emotion that needed to be released through the bristles.

Paint on brush

I guess that's why I so love what I do. My daily routine allows me to work out whatever is in my head.

This season there has been a LOT to work out which - I suppose - is why my art collection has tripled in the last few weeks; Flower Art, Opal Dressers, Seaside Escapes, and yes, even planters.

The Sohy Arts Building; Tanglewood Works

The planters were probably the simplest of my recent projects, but the most meaningful because they adorn my shop Tanglewood Works at The SoHy Arts Building.

Dyeing cement planters with paint, water sprayer

It's hard to invest in creating beauty in a place that is closed indefinitely due to COVID. I have always loved decorating my shop. Its the one thing I can clean and decorate that does not get destroyed by dogs and teenagers. I can go as crazy as I want. And truth is, I have always loved creating new and inviting displays.

Painted cement planters, faux verdigris look

Even though we we've been closed for months, I decided it was still important to give the store some love and show my Hyattsville, MD, community that art was still here even if were not.

The SoHy Arts Building; Tanglewood Works

So... I decided to reinvent my windows each week and yes, give some old cement planters  a much needed makeover.

Soon after I completed this project I got word that shops like mine would re-open. Although the news was exciting and much anticipated, I had a somewhat unexpected, different reaction.

Here's my video on how you too can easily reinvent your posts and planters this summer... and my story on why I am no longer at my shop.

I used Miss Lillian's NO-Wax Chock Paint to create these faux-verdigris planters. Check out my Supply List for all the materials and products I used.

Miss Lillian's NO Wax Cholk Paint

Be Kind Kiddos!

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Dyeing a Cement Planter with Paint


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