Using Tanglewood Sue-Per Shifting Metallic Waxes

Tanglewood Sue-Per Shifting Metallic Waxes are the newest & coolest DIY product to hit the market in years.

 If you love color, the only thing more amazing than one color, is multiple colors inside of just one jar. 

Tanglewood Sue had these metallic color shifting waxes specially created and formulate by Miss Lillian's Chock Paint.

Here's How to use them...

What are Tanglewood Sue-PerShifters exactly?

There are a lot of color shifting products on the market, from car wraps to eyeshadows.

What I could not find was a color shifting wax to use in my upcycling, furniture makeover and art projects.

These shifters are NOT:

  • Paint
  • Watercolor
  • Powder
  • Boring :) 

They are formulated with a special wax base that not only allows for a perfectly smooth application but also creates its own sealant when properly buffed.

Using Sue-Per Shifters to create an oil slick effect (short)

Let's Talk Colors!

The primary purpose of the shifters was to add an intensity to furniture and art that could not be achieved with mere paint.

For this reason we created a variety of richly intense colors that reflect multiple colors when placed on top of painted surfaces.

Once we had a wide base of gorgeously shifting tones we stepped up the pigment to create the Sue-per DUPER lines and the Chromes. I'll go over the differences and how to use them below.

Tanglewood Sue-Per SHifting Metallic Wax

Here's How They Were Invented:

We first created these metallic waxes to use over a very specific furniture makeover that I had envisioned.

When I could not find the products I needed I teamed up with Miss Lillian's Chock Paint to create the perfect product. And that they did!

the original Shifters come in a rainbow of colors that add the perfect amount of shimmer. Most of the colors come in a lighter base color which results in a gorgeous but subtle color shift.

Already in love with how these waxes enhanced my art, I requested that we add some deeper more "moody" colors to the collection. 

This actually resulted (accidentally actually) in the Chrome collection. These are our most highly pigmented Sue-Per Shifters and are almost opaque in their appearance.

These were accidental because the goal was a deeper but still translucent shift. We decided that this was a happy accident and we went ahead and created the DUPER collection which are deeper more intense versions of the original shifters but not as opaque as the Chromes.

Differences between Sue-Per Shifter types

Original Shifters:

  • Can use over any surface. 
  • Light base works well over lighter colors. 
  • Most subtle shift but can be built up with additional layers


Deeper base best to cover darker colorsMore intense colors and color shifts
the most "sparkly" of the three
Not the best over lighter surfaces unless the base color matches the base color of the shifter.

Sue-per CHROMES:

  • The most intense of the colors
  • Opaque as opposed to transparent
  • Best over dark tones
  • Use for optimum color shift and dramatic effect
  • Not recommended over light colors

What colors will the shifters work over?

I asked for these metallic waxes to be created to work over dark surfaces. As with most creative products though, the applications far outweigh the initial visions.

Although the waxes do shine over dark painted surfaces, they can also bring life to almost any color you pair them with.

In my opinion the original shifters (because they have the  lighter base tones, they show up the best over white and lighter surfaces. 

Sue-per Shifters over white and black

Over Black
Over Light Blue

How do you apply Tanglewood Sue-Per Shifters

Now the fun begins! 

  1. Grab a soft but shorter bristle brush or gloves. The shorter bristles will allow you to move the wax around and avoid brush strokes.
  2. I like to apply a base layer of clear wax but this step is not absolutely necessary. I just think it gives you more control and helps the wax spread evenly.
  3. Make sure your surface is properly prepped. if you are using the shifters over paint you are all set. if you use over wood, metal, leather, or vinyl I use First Step Prep to thoroughly clean and degloss the surface. You'll need to do this to make sure the wax adheres.
  4. Pick your favorite color. If you are using on a painted surface try matching your base to your base color is you are using the Dupers or the Chromes to avoid streaks.
  5. Apply in smooth thin random coats. No need to pile it on in the first pass. Go for a smooth even coat. If you want more color and shift, let it dry and apply a second coat.
  6. Once dry (at least an hour) buff the wax with a clean dry cloth or buffing brush. Buff just like you would a car or your best leather shoes.

Can you blend Tanglewood Sue-Per Shifters

Of course. You can blend these metallic waxes just like they were paint. I of course use my "smoosh & Moosh" technique but you can use whatever works for you.

You can also mix the waxes or add layers of waxes to get multiple shifts.

The possibilities are truly endless!

How do you seal Tanglewood Sue-Per shifters?

These metallic waxes are self sealing. once you buff them, they are permanent and will stay adhered just like a paint.

If you are using outside, or prefer to have an additional topcoat you can absolutely apply a topcoat over your wax.

What kind of surfaces can you use Tanglewood Sue-Per Shifters on?

  1. Paint
  2. Wood
  3. Leather
  4. Vinyl
  5. Metal
  6. Canvas

Miss Lillian's and I hope you enjoy using our waxes as much as we have enjoyed creating them for you!

Tanglewood Sue-Per Shifters
Tanglewood Sue-Per Shifters
Tanglewood Sue-Per Shifters
Tanglewood Sue-Per Shifters

You can find any and all Tanglewood Sue-Per Shifter Metallic Waxes right here at

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