Tanglewood Sue's easy guide to staining concrete floors.

Hey Hey Kiddos,


So I know we are all at different stages of grief right now and my family is quite grateful I am through the anger phase- let me tell you.


Unfortunately, for my Hubby, I am on to the “We are gonna fix up this house NOW!!!!!”  phase. He kindly asked if we could go back to despondent, or even angry phase. (Cause when I'm angry I just  do it all myself and shit gets done...)


“Fix up the house” phase means everyone needs to pitch in and it's not done till I say it's done.


So here is where I started when I had to start all over with my studio last Summer-THE FLOORS. 

        How to stain concrete floors


Yes, I started there so I could bring all my stuff back in and take my time with the walls, and trim and lighting. The floors had to be first, fast and cheap.


I have made you not one but THREE videos to get you started if you are also in the “Fix up Phase” of grief. The beauty of these makeovers is that 2 out of the 3 can be done in a day and use only items you most already have. 


So, how about that basement floor you want to make into a craft room, or the garage, or even the driveway? The possibilities are endless.


In the first video, I show you How to  Color Wash Your Cement Floor with a single color. 



In the second video, you can learn How to color wash your cement with more than one color. 



And last but not least, in the third video, you'll learn How to Stain your cement floors with Acid.  



Go gather your products, pick a style, and come join me in the "Let's fix it up" phase. 


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