Recurring Dreams

Hey Kiddos:

Are you having a hard time sleeping right now? My family sure is. It’s like a house full of sleepy zombies wandering around the house at all hours. I can usually get to sleep but my dreams are out of control. 

I don’t know about you, but I have recurring dreams that always come back during times of stress. 

One of my top 5 dreams is the one where I go back and reopen my Play Café in Oakland CA called "SadieDey's Café". 

I closed this business nearly 10 years ago, but the recurring themes persist in my dreams to this day 

First of all, it was a hard business to run. People tried to stop me from opening a café geared towards New Moms and their babies. I did it anyway. I’m glad I did but the stress was real. Have you ever encountered a New Mom who is in the New Mom bubble? It’s a rite of passage for all Momma’s. It’s when we get to be the ultimate center of the universe because we have been granted the ultimate responsibility. We are insufferable in this bubble. 

Now multiply those bubble by at least 100 and put them all in one room with their new babies and ask them to follow the rules. Not gonna happen! 

They would sneak in their own food, refuse to pay, change diapers on tables, not supervise their toddlers and then write me horrific yelp reviews. It was downright traumatic at times. It’s no surprise I have recurring nightmares about opening it up again! 

Even in my dream I was yelling “No Outside FOOD!” 

I still met some amazing people on this journey and my kids still love to talk about “SadieDey’s”- the café named int their honor. I also know I get this dream whenever I am facing uncertainty and I need to make a choice that will ultimately change my course. I am making some big decisions and changes right now-hence “The Café Dream!” 

As with all things that stress me out, I must find the humor, so in this week’s letter I am including links to some archival videos. 

This one is my video I produced to sell birthday Parties. It’s probably the only avant garde birthday party commercial ever! 

And this one was a parody skit I only released once I had LEFT TOWN and CLOSED the Cafe for fear of the retribution. 

I had to just embody and laugh at all the mom types I encountered and admit to myself that a little bit of each of them also lived inside of me.

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Have fun taking a trip down memory lane with me this week. 

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