New year, new all five of ME

Oh dang , how is it that January is almost over.

All the pressures of the holidays are gone. I'm playing with my new gadgets, sleeping in till 9 am, and finally feeling some semblance of relaxation. And then you rear your ugly head and tell me it is not too late to make new year's resolutions?!?!

To think big, bigger, best! To define how I will find purpose this year.

Ugh! I gotta tell you, last year I told New Year's to take a hike. I'm always trying to set higher goals and be a better person. I don't need a drunken midnight ceremony to make me do this. I can't stop doing this really. And it's not because I hit all the goals that I set. It's because I keep switching goals!

This is good and bad, I guess. If I set a resolution in January that no longer aligns with my destination for June, then what is the point of said resolution?

This is for me, and maybe you too, where it gets complicated.

This year I started writing more. I didn't set a goal to do it. It just started coming out. I would relate it to involuntarily throwing up. I think my writing is somewhat better than vomit, but its timing is still involuntary. I used to write all the time because I wrote when I felt angsty. In my youth I often felt angsty so there are a bunch of notebooks in landfills filled with my dramas. To read them you'd think, "Boy, I hope she got help" :).

But that was only part of the story. Like yelp reviews, I only wrote when I felt bad or confused, but never when I was pleased or happy.

Now I vomit - I mean write - when I sense a revelation, or find something funny, or maybe insightful about me or someone close to me.

I wrote this short autobiographical essay a few months back and I think it explains why I, and maybe you, have trouble making resolutions or setting life goals.

Basically it's a story of my multiple personalities. Not a clinically diagnosed disorder per se, but a way for me to understand how my decision making works or doesn't work as the case may be.

I have at least 5 strong women constantly arguing in my head as to how we will organize our day. Sophie wants to sing and eat, Suzan wants to organize endlessly, Susie just wants to nap, etc... So in order to set a long-term goal for myself I have to get these gals to agree to a long-term commitment. I can't even get them to agree on breakfast!

New year Sue

A few year's back Sarah wanted us to loose some weight. She was ready to drop 30 by spring but when Sophie got up New Year's day, hungover and hungry that goal was shot in a day!

So in order to set New Year's goals for 2020 I have to basically hold a board meeting to get each one to compromise and agree to a commitment. One part of me is no longer allowed to make a commitment that the other parts of me are gonna throw out the window along  ... with the Weight Watchers log again.

We gotta compromise first, then commit.

I've tried steamrolling with willpower, we all have. That's why gyms make so much money in January. My will is strong. It's just there are at least 5 strong wills inside of me. Sara's will to lose weight is just as strong as Sophie's belief that curves rock, food is joy and yes, there is something that tastes as good as thin feels... It's called butter!

So here are my goals if I get my way in this meeting:

  • I intend to make a youtube video each week sharing with you all my tips and techniques
  • I intend to hire a full marketing team to make sure that all the videos get out of my phone and into your hands
  • I intend to create a plethora of craft kits to help all of you on your creative journeys
  • I intend to get out of town and go visit other amazing creatives
  • I intend to go to a creative or small business conference
  • I intend to build a full-scale custom furniture rehab biz where I can employ those who need work and creativity in their lives
  • I intend to make enough money this year to help my son go to college and get my daughter into art school, and fix my hot tub 
  • My marketing team says I need to give you a call to action. So here’s what I would like to ask of you in 2020.

Tanglewood Sue

Follow me. Comment. Share what you love. Tell me what you hate. If I’m gonna make this happen for me, I need to know that it matters to you.

Your enthusiasm fuels me! It empowers me!! If you want to fill your life with color and laughter, mishaps and mayhem, triumphs and, yes, the inevitable epic failure: I would love to invite you to make my journey part of your journey for 2020.

Buckle up Bitches!


Tanglewood Sue

yer Crazy Ass Craft Coach

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