Color Love! Featuring a Few of My Favorites

If there's something y'all know about me, it's that I LOVE color. And by LOVE, I mean Color Is Life!! No wonder I paint *all the things* in gorgeous and very often Boho style color. Chances are if you follow me here and on my other social platforms you, my friend, love color too!

Being a color devotee, chatting to other color lovers like you, it seems the perfect idea to start a new Blog series featuring some of my favorite paint colors, and the lines that carry them. Here's the first post of many to come... because I have that many favorites! Ha!

Introducing my Boho Purple Majesty Vanity (available for sale in both my e-commerce store and on location at my Hyattsville, MD store Tanglewood Works [linked to Google Maps]) and the four Debi's Design Diary DIY Paint colors I used to create this amazing, blended finish:

Boho Purple Majesty Vanity - Tanglewood Works

Debi's DIY Paint is one of my favorites for blending, and these colors work together so wonderfully, don't you think?! (clickable images)

Debi's Design Diary DIY Paint - Tanglewood WorksKissing Booth - Debi's DIY Paint - Tanglewood WorksWater Lily - Debi's DIY Paint - Tanglewood WorksQueen Bee - Debi's DIY Paint - Tanglewood Works Cherry Picked - Debi's DIY Paint - Tanglewood Works






Can you see a hint of each of these colors in my Boho Purple Majesty Vanity? Here are some closer looks...

Boho Purple Majesty Vanity - Tanglewood Works

Boho Purple Majesty Vanity - Tanglewood Works

Boho Purple Majesty Vanity - Tanglewood Works

So... what are those Debi's Design Diary DIY Paint colors again?

Debi's DIY Paint - Select Colors - Tanglewood Works

Do you have a favorite Debi's DIY Paint color? How about a Miss Lillian's NO Wax Chock Paint color?  Let me know in the comments below; I'll be sure to share your faves in an upcoming post!

One last really cool thing that I'd like to share... did you know that I offer FREE Consultation sessions? If you're a furniture painting newbie, if you're feeling overwhelmed about selecting a color, if you just don't know which product will give you the results you want, or if there's anything you believe I can help with... a 15 minute coaching call with me can really help you to feel more confident before you take brush to project. I'd love to help!   

Color, Color, Color!! Stick with me, Kiddos... we'll LOVE all that color together!!

Thanks... and Be Kind To One Another,
P.S. Here's a PIN for you pin! :-)
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Love, love your beautiful furniture!! As usual😊

Wendy Khan

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