Tanglewood Works diy class Turn 1 Project into 30 Videos (ONLINE COURSE)

Turn 1 Project into 30 Videos (ONLINE COURSE)

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I know how crazy busy you are running your creative business. And now you expected to show every step of your process and feed the social media beast each and every day?

Don't they know that you are not selling some mass-manufactured knockoff? You need your time to actually create what you sell.

Ive been there my friend. I didn't just run a store, I made everything in my store!

So here is how I turned this burden into a BONUS!

While other content creators constantly seek new ways to sell their products or tell a story about what they sell, our stories are built right in!

Our art is our story and all we need is a clear way to tell it.

That's why I created this template for you. If you know your content plan you can reverse engineer your content strategy without compromising your art.

Each time you are about to start a new project, paint some art, makeover a piece of furniture or create anything at all print this out first.

Make a note of all the shots and check them off as you go.

 You can post your content as you go or create it all at the end and then drip it out over 30 days.

It's totally up to you!