"Stout Butter Beer "-Hand Painted and Poured Soy Candles


"Stout Butter Beer" a walk through the forest 

Ok, I don't really know what Butter Beer would taste or smell like but I have to think it would pay some homage to buttered rum, right??

Well, that's what I've decided so that's how it smells. Sweet and buttery with a just a hint of hops. The perfect scent for a beer lover or a Harry Potter Lover. 


When my quest to find amazing selling natural candles without ugly branding came up empty I decided to team up with my candle loving son Deylan, to make our own line of richly scented candles in beautiful jars.

Each candle is made from top of the line soy wax and essential oils and each season we invent new recipes for unique scents that have our clients coming back over and over again. 

Not only do we take special care to make our scents rich and comforting, we also hand paint and seal each individual jar for you. When your candle has burned you can still use our lovely stained glass jar for years to come.

*note: each candle is hand painted so colors and styles may vary


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