Passionate| Bohemian Brights by Debi's DIY Paint

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New Bohemian Brights are fantastically intense colors specially curated by Dionne Woods of the Turquoise Iris.

If you know Dionne, you know that she loves color, and that love comes through brighter than ever in this new paint collection by Debi's Design Diary.

Bohemian Brights are for highlighting artwork and projects made with a clear base that has a built-in sealer. Much different than traditional DIY Paint and very exciting! 

So how do these Bohemian Brights differ from Debi's DIY Clay and Chalk Paints?

Let me count the ways...

Bohemian Brights are intensely bright paint colors designed to be used as highlights on your painted furniture projects or as a richly colorful stain on unfinished or sanded wood.

Unlike Debi's Design Diary DIY paint, which are pigments suspended in white clay, Bohemian Brights are suspended in a clear base resulting in the brightest translucent colors on the market today. Bohemian Brights are water-based, slef-leveling, and contain no VOC's.

Brights come in 40z jars because a little goes a very long way.

When you want to take your painted furniture to the next level of color intensity, Bohemian Brights are your answer.