MetalSmith Patina Paint Sample Kits



MetalSmith Kits


MetalSmith Kits contain reactive metal infused paint, a patina activator, acid blocking primer and one brush.  Available is 8 combinations. 


MetalSmith Paint


MetalSmith Paint, when used with the Green or Turquoise Patina Activator, creates a natural patina on the surface of your project. 



Water based

Real Metal Particles 

Metal Reactive Paint


MetalSmith Patina Powder


Developed to be used with MetalSmith Reactive Paints and Patina Activators.  Creates a greater patina effect when sprinkled on the paint.  Available in 2 Patina Powder Colors:


Bronze Patina Powder is used to enhance Turquoise Patina Oxidation  For use with MetalSmith Reactive Paint only.  Works only with Turquoise Patina Activator Spray.

Copper Patina Powder is used to enhance Green Patina Oxidation  Use with MetalSmith Reactive Paints only.  Works only with Copper Patina Activator Spray.

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