“Don’t go Breaking my Heart” Valentine Ornament



We have sold out overnight of the multicolored hearts. We still have 5 left of the original pink/purple/red blends.

If you want to order any other colors place your order below but please allow time for ust to restock and make yours to order. We cannot guarantee a Valentine's Day delivery at this time.

Thank you so much for making these a success!


Don’t worry. You can’t break this heart. What looks like a real Stained glass gift is actually a hand painted plastic heart. 
I love all the glass ornaments I made this past holiday but I was too scared to ship so I tested these plastic  versions and they look just like glass. 

Each one is completely unique and hand painted by Tanglewood Sue.

Since they are painted on the inside they are completely safe from scratches and breakage. 

size is 4 inches (these are big hearts :)

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