Tanglewood Works diy class 5 tips to create Viral videos

5 tips to create Viral videos (ONLINE COURSE)

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 If your videos never "take off" there may be a simple fix and I bet I have the answer for you.

Short form video content takes a LOT of work. Believe me I know and working really hard on a video only to have it FLOP can be so frustrating! Although you can NEVER really control social media platforms you CAN make sure you give your video the best chance it has to reach your audience.

It's not really about how many people you reach but how many of the right people you reach. 

My goal is to not only help you get lift off on your videos but to also ensure you go viral for the right reasons.

Its kinda easy to go viral for the wrong ones but that wont do anything to help your business or your reputation.

Let me help you with these 5 tips i've put together for you from my years of viral video creation.


Tanglewood Sue