What is BOLD & Brazen?

Although the enrollment period for this group has ended but please add your name to the waitlist so you can register at our next opening. We open the registration doors for 5 days prior to each month so that everyone is ready to start each new month together.  The signup form is at bottom of the page.

Here's what this Creative group is all about:

"I'm doing it the way I want to no matter what people say?" Then you my friend, are the perfect candidate for my group Bold & Brazen with Tanglewood Sue

Why me? 
Because I have been on a creative journey my whole life. Not the journey you might think. Those of you who know me only as "Tanglewood Sue, your Senior Dumpster Diva!" know the gal who slings paint with abandon and is never scared to get it totally wrong, but it wasn't always that way. Tanglewood Sue was a long time coming my friends. It took a lot of wrong turns, sweat and tears to get here. Thankfully, somewhere along the way my attitude shifted from a need for perfection to a need for expression.

Now I want to help you get to that place of creative freedom without wasting so much time trying to get it "right"!

How is this different than a typical 'how to paint' group Sue?
Short answer? Because we aren't going to follow typical paint group rules! We are rebels, remember? 
Long answer? This community of dreamers is all about creating with passion and curiosity. I want each of you to fall in love with the joy of creating instead of getting bogged down in worries about getting it done 'right'. Why? Because it's a life changer. Just imagine- no more being paralyzed by the pressure to paint like your fave design guru. Like I say in my shop, "Why buy new when you can make it YOU!"

But will I actually learn to paint?

YES my Dear! We are going to create and recreate. Paint and repaint. We will totally mix up every medium that people say not to mix! LOL! Imagine sewing, decoupaging, stained glass'ing, staining, building, and decorating just because it's fun! My gift to you isn't my paint finishes, or my color choices, or even how I get my crazy hair. It is how I approach my creativity.

So where will this all take place? 

Each week I'll be dropping exclusive content into our private Facebook group. We will have "how to" videos, on location live excursions, step by step demos, Q&A sessions and a whole variety of ways for us to engage and embrace what it means to create with abandon.


Bottom line is you get to create in your unique way, without having to do it all by yourself!


So are you ready to say goodbye to doing it the way everyone else tells you to do it? Are you ready to harness your own confidence to say I'm doing it the way I want to no matter what anyone else is doing? Than you my friend are ready to be a a member of BOLD and BRAZEN!


I look forward to meeting and growing with each and every one of you.


Be safe, be well, be green.



Tanglewood Sue

Senior Dumpster Diva

for Tanglewood Works