Boho Garden Jewelry Pendants and Earrings


What began as a dresser, became a canvas and has now become unique one of a kind jewelry.

Let me explain. I was gifted a dresser that was in such disrepair putting poor jumpsty dumpty back together was just not a viable option.

Instead I decided that this beautiful wood deserved another reincarnation. I took each piece of the dresser and painted a different interpretation of a bohemina garden on each one. 

Once I was done I knew this art would leave me someday to find its new home but I wanted to keep each little flower story within each painting alive.

So, stick with me here, I scanned the paintings and made mini paintings of each one and affixed them to wood pieces.

No two are exactly alike. Each one is coated with resin on the front and the back which will ensure its longevity for many many years to come.

Each pendant is strung with a suede cord and each earring is created with sterling silver findings.

***Important note before Ordering. Because each creation uses a different part of the original painting each one is unique. Please feel free to leave us a not in your order if you prefer "mostly flower", "Mostly abstract" etc... and we will do our best. We have made sure that each one is a gorgeous work of art for you to enjoy.

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