"Lawnboy" Hand Painted & Poured Soy Candles


"Freshly Mowed Serenity"

Each of our candles is hand poured using a combination of soy and beeswax so you have the perfect combination of natural ingredients in your handmade candle. We create one of a kind scent recipes so that each candle has a special balance of evocative scents not easily found in mass produced candles. 

Who does not love the smell of a freshly mowed lawn. Who loves to mow the lawn? Two very different experiences right? Hire someone else to mow the damn lawn and then buy this candle to always remind yourself how good it felt to not mow the lawn. 

Also a great gift for those of you who were supposed to mow it and forgot. Give her/him this with your apology note. 

This glass is painted in shades mimicking blades of grass. Green, yellow and just a hint of brown so it does not look like artificial turf.

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