"Chipotle CoCo Caramel" Hand painted & Poured Soy Candle


"with an orange twist"

Each of our candles is hand poured using a combination of soy and beeswax so you have the perfect combination of natural ingredients in your handmade candle. We create one of a kind scent recipes so that each candle has a special balance of evocative scents not easily found in mass produced candles. 

Giving a box of chocolates is a nice thought but let's face it. We are ALL on a diet these days so we've created a gift with all of the intoxicating flavors of a gourmet box of chocolates without any of the calories. Sugar FREE, Gluten FREE, Carb FREE goodness. 

This glass is painted as if you broke open all your favorite chocolates at once. Gooey caramel, rich dark chocolate, maraschino cherry syrup, and a kick of red hot pepper. 

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