"Carolina Jasmine" Hand Painted & Poured Soy Candle


"Always on my mind"

Each of our candles is hand poured using a combination of soy and beeswax so you have the perfect combination of natural ingredients in your handmade candle. We create one of a kind scent recipes so that each candle has a special balance of evocative scents not easily found in mass produced candles. 

I'm a Carolina girl and this is one of those scents that brings me back to my long walk home from the bus stop down a winding dirt road out in the country. Back then I didn't know what all the intoxicating smells were. It was just home. Once I got a whiff of this scent of these sweet jasmine I was 12 years old again and back in Carolina. 

This jar is painted in shades of purple, and indigo with a pearl iridescent overlay. 

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