The DYI Doctor's in!

Hey Hey Kiddos, 


Do you have some burning DIY questions that only the Dumpster Diva Can answer? Are you confused by chalk paint or have no idea what color goes with what? 


 As many of you know I am spending a LOT more time in my art studio than in the shop these days. Bob (My Dead Aunt's Books) and Holli (Suffragette City) are handling all the sales and day to day operations while I am painting with abandon right up the street. (I can basically wear my pj’s and forget about makeup most days now). 




Although I am LOVING working on all these custom creations for my fabulous clients ( and catching up on all my podcasts), I am kinda missing getting to see many of you in person as I used to when I ran the shop 7 days a week.  


 I also know that many of you have questions that only a DIY Dumpster Diva can answer, so I am creating “Office Hours” at Tanglewood Works. Each Monday I will post an EVENT with my Saturday or Sunday shop hours. I often have gigs with my band (The Wild Anacostias), so my hours may change week to week so be sure to check the event schedule before you hit the road. 


The goal is for me to provide a resource for any of you embarking on DIY Upcycling projects. I can help with selecting materials, combining colors, using our wide array of DIY products that we sell such as DIY Chalk PaintIOD molds and TransfersIOD Stamps, Alcohol Inks, DIY Craft Kits and so much more. 



Not only will I be there to answer your questions, each week I will choose a product to demonstrate for you so you can really get excited about how our products can be used to salvage your furniture or make a new piece of art. 


 Not Local? No worries. I will also turn on the cameras and go live during my “Doctor” hours so you can pick my DIY brain. All products can also be purchased right from my website so you won’t have to miss a thing really. 


Please go ahead and comment with any burning questions you may have (not questions about burning though. That’s for your real doctor) and I will make sure to answer them on our weekend LIVE. 

 Also, do not forget to follow me on Instagram. I love having fun over there too. 

See you soon! 

Tanglewood Sue 

Tanglewood Sue store hours

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