Tanglewood Sue TroubleMAKER Tour 2023

My goal has been and will always be to inspire creativity. I have dreamt of a way I could go meet all of you in person so we could deeply connect, laugh and create together. This is the year! Here I come on the Tanglewood TroubleMAKER Tour 2023!

What is the Tanglewood Sue TroubleMAKER Tour exactly?

Every career I have ever had has been rooted in the joy of connection. From my famly play cafe, SadieDey's in Oakland CA to my shop Tanglewood Works here in Maryland, I love sharing my love of creativity and connection. Now that I have closed my shop, Tanglewoodwood Works, I am free to travel to people all over the world who want to create and laugh with me. This, my friends, is the Tanglewood Sue TroubleMAKER tour!

2023 Tanglewood TrooubleMAKER Tour Dates (want me to add your city? Just click the form at the bottom of the blog)


Where: 4425d North Point Blvd, Sparrows Point, MD 21219

When:Jan 14th 11-4:Video Marketing Intensive: 175.00

Jan 15th 11-5 Embossing & Raised Stencil Masterclass: 200.00

Get Your tickets Here: https://www.she-shed-online.com/
First stop on the TroubleMAKER Tour has GOT to be my home away from home at The She Shed in Sparrows Point MD.

What 2 things does everyone want to learn?
Amazingly cool furniture painting techniques AND how to market your furniture painting biz!
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2nd Stop TEXAS

Feb 17th: 1 day Painting Masterclass with Sue & Cara: 250.00

Feb 16th:1 day Video Marketing Intensive: 225.00

Get Tickets Here: https://savannasartistry.com/products/troublemaker-tour

What to expect:Cara and Tanglewood Sue are wonder-twin-power activating for the first stop in this year round furniture painting and Small Business Marketing tour.What 2 things does everyone want to learn?Amazingly cool furniture painting techniques AND how to market your furniture painting biz!

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What Masterclasses are even going on tour?

I'm glad you asked! The short answer is basically WHATEVER YOU WANT!

Each Masterclass that I am teaching has been highly requested by followers, fans and former students. 

So fare here is the lineup:

What if you already struggle with sales or have no idea how to sell the work you will be creating? I have the answer...

1. Tanglewood Sue's Short Form Media Masterclass:

Once you have mastered your art form of choice how will you sell it, or your services?

Today there is only one way to get in front of your audience and that is video, specifically short-form video.

Love it or hate it, video is the quickest path to finding the people who love your work and want to patronize your business.

Even if you have a brick-and-mortar Video marketing is key to getting the word out about your business, what you offer, what you sell and even where you are.

In the past couple of years I have connected with over 300 thousand followers, had millions of views of my media, and yes this al resulted in significantly increased sales.

Google ranking is a long and somewhat tedious process of getting visitors to your website but video is a direct path from you to your people and your clients.

Unlike a standard website or ad, video is personal. It shows who you are and why you are passionate about what you do. It can also be daunting so here's what I will be teaching you in this masterclass.

  • Choosing your best platform
  • Basic equipment needs
  • Lighting & Sound 101
  • Tips to Go LIVE with confidence
  • Basic Editing Tips
  • How to get views on your videos
  • DO's and Don'ts of Short-Form Content

This Masterclass will get you started on your path towards video marketing success but it does not need to stop there.

Tanglewood Sue will be launching her own Video Content Creation online course and group. 

Just check out my stats!

Although they are have seen a huge increase since utilizing short form video, what is most important to me is engagement. I invite you to peruse all of my social media channels (except Instagram-IG has and will always hate me 😂 




https://www.youtube.com/c/TanglewoodSue (Ih gained 10k followers in one month posting only shorts!)





2. Tanglewood Sue's Schmoosh & Moosh

What is the hardest thing to do when painting furniture? By far the consensus is blending. Something that seems so simple is just so hard to get right.

Over the years I too have struggled with the most fun and effective way to blend any kind of chalk or clay based paints.

I showed this LIVE so many times my followers christened it the "Tanglewood Sue Schmoosh and Moosh"

I love teaching this class because EVERY SINGLE CLASS one of my participants squeals with delight that they can finally blend colors the way they have always wanted.

As long as you guys keep squealing I will keep teaching 😘 

3. Cara Lockwood's Flower Power

Cara, A self-taught artist, connoisseur of color and all-out creative freak, is coming to teach how to create floral art on furniture. Whether you like it sweet and simple, scraped and rustic, slap you silly bold...she's got you covered! Cara will be teaching several of her, "Just let it all go" techniques and she always guarantees artistic success!

4. Embossed Paint Techniques & Layering

this has to be one of my most favorite finishes Ive ever created! Not only that but infusing texture into your furniture makeovers can had a multitude sins. Chipped veneer does not stand a chance against well placed texture!

In this masterclass I am going to show you as many texture techniques that I can fit into one class! 

We are going to emboss, layer, stencil, roller spackle , trowel, and even use household items to. create one of a kind designs.

Not only will we create this texture we will use a variety of paints and waxes to bring it to life!


"If you are not willing to completely screw it up you are not experimenting hard enough.” -tanglewood sue

Can't wait to see you all at the next  stop on the Tanglewood Sue TroubleMAKER Tour

xoxoxo, Tanglewood Sue

If you want Tanglewood Sue top cope to your city please just look this over or forward to your favorite furniture paint store so we can try to setup a date for you and your friends!


  • Please come to Georgia!

  • I wish I could come to US to do these classes.
    I am very jumbled up at the mo with Gout and not able to absorb much.
    I want to do the online business class.
    Where do I click for that Suè please?
    So sorry about this lovely lady.🥰

    Karen Beeny
  • Come visit Brooklyn!! There are so many of us who LOVE DIY and also need help marketing our stuff ;)

    Foxie Lou
  • Any chance of a stop in Ohio?

  • Minnesota PLEASE! (Faribault area)

    I’ll help with accommodations 🙂

    Kristie Akbar

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