No Sew DIY Face Mask with Tanglewood Sue

 It's been so hard to focus this week. All the distractions in my life are now here FULL time! I am secretly loving this extra time with my family AND I feel like I cannot get a damn thing done anymore.


But safety is the new cool, and just like everybody else, I want to keep my loved ones healthy. We are all constantly washing our hands, social distancing as much as possible, and wearing masks to protect us from any flying snot. 


However, there is a huge masks shortage, so I enlisted my husband to help me make our very own Tanglewood Sue style masks and I made a whole video for you so you can do this too. 


 But first, let me insert here a huge fat disclaimer. I am NOT a medical professional. This is just my take in an easy DIY method made popular by blogger Raphaela Lauren. With that being said, you must always follow the most current advice and guidelines from the CDC or local health officials, especially since the information is being updated by the minute. 


With all of us stuck at home, we have to find ways to stay safe with what we have on hand and make it work. So I want to teach you a way to make DIY face masks that requires NO SEWING. Remember, I am an upclycler, not a seamstress.  But when have you seen me do anything simple? Never! I added fun and color to my method in true crazy ass craft couch style. 



 You will need:

Old T-shirts

 Aluminum foil

Scissors and hot glue gun

Feminine pads (any size)

Merv 13 air filters

Rubber bands or hair bands

Debis's Design Diary DIY paint which you can always find right here on my online store. I love this paint because it is non-toxic, perfect for all the kids stuck at home with us.


First, cut out some fabric from the T-shirt, enough to cover the face of the person you want to protect: large face, a large piece of fabric, small face, a small piece of fabric. 


         How to make no sew DIY face masks with Tanglewood Sue


Here is where the fun begins.  Use your Debi's Design Diary DIY paint to make your mask as crazy and colorful as you want. Get the whole family involved and be creative, adding paint however your heart tells you. You can pour it on, paint it on, push it on, or do your favorite tie-dye style.  


          Colorful no sew DIY face masks with Tanglewood Sue 


  When you are happy with your design, let it air dry and then throw it in the dryer on high for 15 minutes to heat set the paint. 


While that dries, let's start preparing the layers of protection for our masks. The first layer comes courtesy of our Merv13 filter. Mark the front of the filter and remove the wire. Then make an accordion with the filter and tie both ends with a rubber band. The mark you made goes on the inside of the mask, against your face. 


          How to make no sew DIY face masks 


 For an extra layer of protection attach the feminine pad to the interior of the accordion that you made with the filter, using the adhesive strip from the pad. 


By now your fabric should be dry and ready for the next step. Tie both ends with a rubber band the same as you did with the filter. 


          No sew DIY face mask with Tanglewood Sue 


  Cut two strips of aluminum foil and fold each strip over and over until you end up with two thin strips. 


          How to make a No sew DIY face mask with Tanglewood Sue


 Place one of the strips on the top and one on the bottom and attach them to the fabric with hot glue. Place your tied-up filter inside your fabric. 


         How to make a No sew DIY face mask with Tanglewood Sue 


  Cut thin strips out of the excess fabric from the T-Shirt, and loop them around the rubbers bads and use them to hold the mask to your face. Mold the mask to nicely fit your face using the aluminum foil that you glued to the fabric.  


       How to make a No sew DIY face mask with Tanglewood Sue 


  Got it? I know you do. But if you don't make sure you check out my FREE YouTube video for more step by step detailed instructions.   


There you have it kiddos, you have made a No Sew DIY face mask that will make you the most stylish and safe kid on the block. 



Tanglewood Sue


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