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 Did it take a pandemic to get you to reevaluate your priorities? If so, you are not alone.  The hierarchy of needs is real and we are all feeling it right now just in different ways. 


 Some of you are bored out of your mind because you have been taken away from your work or your passion. Some of you guys are driving the rest of us nuts because we are still trying to work from home and you “need attention”!!! 


 Parents are trying to entertain kids and teenagers are hiding in their rooms trying to preserve their social lives via tik-tok. 


So once you have your income secured in some way, and your shelter, your toilet paper, and your food supply, what’s next? 


 How about taking this time to dig deep into something you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time to do? How about emerging from this isolation with a new sense of purpose, some new habits and even a new creative outlet. 


 I have been making tutorials for quite a while now, for both FREE and structured learning. 


      Meet Tanglewood Sue, DC area custom furniture painting.


 My goal is for you to laugh and learn, so all my videos have a big dose of crazy for you to enjoy. Whether you want to learn to blend paint mermaid style, learn to decoupage, or just need a funny story about fakers, I have got some entertainment for you that I promise will take you away from your stress for a while. 


 If you are ready to get started but need a jumpstart, I have made comprehensive kits for folks to explore all of the ways you can get started upcycling your furniture or random junk you just can't throw away. 


       Tanglewood Sue crazy craft kits. DC area custom furniture painter


 The beauty of my kits and the supplies that I used to make them, including Debi's Design Diary Paint, Miss Lillian's No Wax Chock Paint, acrylic paints and household items, it that they are PERFECT for you to do with the kits too. 


 The paint kits are NO VOC from Debi's Design Diary, they are all made for beginners and they all have an accompanying video tutorial for you to follow along with. 


The other bonus is that there is enough product in each kit so that you don’t have to stop once you finished your project. Grab some more tiles, or another box, keep going people. 


I can mail you any of our kits OR you can pick up any of our Paints, Transfers, Kits, or any other DIY supplies right from our lobby at 5132 Baltimore Ave, Hyattsville MD. We are lucky enough to have a handy vestibule for safe drop off and pick up. 


     Tanglewood Works


So I am there for you as only a crazy Craft Coan can be. Whether I spark your creativity, or provide you some supplies, or just some basic comic relief, your Crazy Ass Craft Coach is here for you



Tanglewood Sue


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