Let's have a cherry blossom contest

Let's have a cherry blossom contest

Hi there

I have a deep dark secret. It’s just so embarrassing! I live on the DC border and I’ve never gone to the Cherry Blossom festival. I’ve never even walked around the basin at peak bloom. I can’t pin this issue down except to say that I always think I have more time than I have. I mean this about everything, not just the cherry blossoms.


I think I have more time to get more things done in a day than I do. I think I have more time till my kids grow up and start their own adventures on their own  (cue waterworks here). I think I have more time to get in shape before menopause pauses everything. And I somehow think that blooms last longer than they do, so I miss it every year.


True story here. I’m not sure of my age but I will make myself younger in this story than I actually was to avoid embarrassment. I was probably 6 (more like 10 I bet) and we were discussing summer plans with my mom. I was at that age when Summer was a magic place where there was only the pool, ice cream, waves and sunshine.


Somewhere in this planning stage Momma said, “Well we gotta fit this all into three months kids” (or some southern equivalent). I exclaimed “No we don’t. Summer lasts a year!” I was not deterred by the stunned looks given to me by my mother or sister, or whoever else was in earshot. “No honey”, Momma said (sounding a bit frantic that she had indeed raised a moron), “summer is a season just like winter or spring”. “No Momma!” (how could she be so dumb?) “The school year is a YEAR and THEN we get a YEAR of summer!” Momma pulled out a calendar and busted up my whole world.


My whole life. My whole perspective. I was a child who believed Summer lasted a year. What an amazing blessing that was. To me it was beautiful and endless. Not 3 measly months.


I’m still kinda mad about it. I mean Momma meant well and probably protected me from ridicule on the playground, but my sense of time shifted that day.


Everything sped up. I never had time to get things done anymore. It was like waves kept crashing down before I could catch my breath. “School is starting?!? But my presents aren’t ready! I’m turning how old this year…”


This is why I miss things that are fleeting. Like Cherry Blossoms. I always think I have more time. I know that I don’t, and I hug my family every day and savor every moment of every day and still, it’s too fast. I miss things. I thought I had a year.


So, I may not make it to see those bushy bushels of buds again this year so I’m gonna bring them to me.


I stole this idea from an artist who said she displayed her work in a cherry blossom contest at a furniture store. What?!?! That sounds so dang fun. So let’s do it.

Please submit anything upcycled and Cherry Blossomed to me from now to March 15th, we will host a VOTE and pick a winner. The winner will take home a Cherry Blossom inspired gift basket with items handpicked by me, Tanglewood Sue. 


Here are the rules: 

You can submit anything you want: furniture, art, jewelry, clothing, it's all good. The key is that it MUST be upcycled (something salvaged and brought back to life) AND handmade (hand-painted, hand-dye, hand-carved, you see where I am going?)  


The theme of your piece has to be... well, cherry blossom of course! Cherry blossom designs, drawings, cherry blossom colors (pinks, purples, whites) or simply something that evokes cherry blossoms to you. 


You can submit your piece in two ways: If you are local bring it to the store.  If you are far away you can participate virtually by sending me a well-staged image with a full description of your piece and what was upcycled to sue@tanglewoodworks.com 


Every submission will be for sale, so even if you don’t win the contest you may sell your creation. I will be only keeping the selling cost (10%), the rest will go to you, my fellow upclycler!


SO unleash the artist within you, start creating, and remember to submit your piece before March 15th. 

I cannot wait to see your masterpieces!



Tanglewood Sue


PS: You know what you want to upcycle but are missing the materials to start?. Easy, we got you covered! 

Aaaaand, do not forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook where I will be displaying all the pieces submitted for the contest. Share it with your friends so they can also have fun seeing your work. 


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