Furniture Is Back In Da House!

Furniture is back in da house... the Tanglewood Works house that is!!

Tanglewood Sue - Boho Buffet

Covid really did a number on everyone and small businesses are no exception.

What we entrepreneurs have always done well is pivot. "Pivot, Pivot, Pivot", just like Ross says, right? (Ya'll... any Friends fans out there? Ha!!)

Pivot - Tanglewood Sue

Sometimes we pivot in a good direction, and sometimes we pivot ourselves right in to a corner. Good or corner... we may not know until we've completed our pivot.

During the shutdown I completely shifted focus to my daily Facebook Live videos where I made deep and lasting connections with all of you who needed a damn break from politics and doomsday reports.

Someone Fun Lives Here! - Original Art by Tanglewood Sue

We've laughed and cried; created and destroyed. We've been visited by spirits of lost friends, laughed at crazy animal antics, watched my beautiful daughter Sadie blossom as her own artist, overshared family dramas, and worked together to transform my home.

Tanglewood Sue - What?

You get the point... over these past months, my creative focus hasn't really been on painted furniture for the store.

Now Tanglewood Works (located in The Shops at SoHy at The SoHy Arts Building in Hyattsville, MD) is open again though, so it's time to fill up the shop!

One great thing about my pivoting is that it's meant more time to connect with my Tanglewood Works client - and now friend - Heather of Pahokaga. Like me, she's a lover of all things Boho and Debi's Design Diary DIY Paint.

Heather from Pahokaga - Tanglewood Works

Heather's designs are scrumptious and bold, just like her.

Heather from Pahokaga - at Tanglewood Works

She also took a break from the shop and even planned a move to sunny Florida, but you know how it is... plans change. We pivot. Lucky for me she is pivoting right back into Tanglewood Works with a whole new line of colorful boho beauties!

Heather from Pahokaga - at Tanglewood Works

Heather from Pahokaga - at Tanglewood Works

Heather's amazing treasures... and mine too: YES, I'm back in the game and filling up the Tanglewood Works space again with my art and new furniture designs!

Tanglewood Sue

Original art by Tanglewood Sue

Take a look at what we have created with Miss Lillian's NO Wax Chock Paint and Debi's Design Diary DIY Paints!

Tanglewood Sue

All of these lovelies are available NOW at Tanglewood Works based in The Shops at SoHy (locally knows as The SoHy Arts Building) in Hyattsville, MD. All creations by moi - Tanglewood Sue - can also be purchased here in my Tanglewood Works e-commerce store!

Thanks... and Be Kind Kiddos!
P.S. Here's a PIN for you pin! :-)
Tanglewood Works by Tanglewood Sue

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