Move Over Blue! Fave Fall Colors to Try

You may still be covered in summer-heat sweat right now but there is a shift in the air and that means pretty soon EVERYTHING will be frickin' pumpkin spiced!

I know. I have offended many of you with this blasphemy, but the world has gone too far IMHO on things that need "spicing". A latte? Sure... I get that. But lotion??? I mean come on. I already resemble a muffin; I don't need to smell like one too!

This also holds for furniture and house painting trends. Don't paint your walls orange because Better Housekeeping has a gorgeous fall themed room. Paint them orange because you love orange year round. 

Case in point... my dining room!

Tanglewood Sue - Decor Interiors

All that being said, I do support the increased use of warm tones as autumn arrives. Blues get to be the darlings of furniture painting almost all the time, but what about those lovely warm tones? Here are some suggestions that will look great in your home all year long.

Pair lovely autumn tones with your beloved blues or let them shine on their own. Here are my faves:

Miss Lillian's Metallic Paints - Tanglewood Works

Miss Lillian's Metallics are amazing!



You'll find Urban Farmhouse, 49' South Salsa, Heartthrob, Crown Jewel - and many more Miss Lillian's NO Wax Chock Paint colors - in my shop.


You'll find Urban MarqueeQueen BeeCherry Picked - and many more Debi's Design Diary DIY Paint colors - in my shop.


I use warm, "fall-inspired" colors in so many of my creations, all year long. Did you happen to catch the art hanging in my dining room? I call this piece Fall Bouquet; I dipped into each of the colors I'm sharing to bring this painting to life. 

Layered Stencil Upcycled Art


 What about furniture, you ask? Here are a couple pieces I painted using some or all of my fave fall colors. Hope they inspire you!

The Chartreuse Dresser/Buffet

You can learn a little more about this beauty in a previous blog post.

Chartreuse Dresser Buffet - Tanglewood Works


The Sunset Garden Dresser

Sunset Garden Dresser - Tanglewood Works


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