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Are you an artist or creator in the DMV who is always invited to sell at markets because “You are so fun and colorful and weird” but you spend all day entertaining people who find you “charming” but basically #tooextra to actually buy anything?!?!

That’s because we keep thinking people looking for shades of greige will see our colorfully whimsical wares and be so charmed that they want a purple dresser today.

Yeah. No. No they don’t. No they won’t. Pale lavender? Maybe but purple-no.

These are not our people. These are not our buyers. That’s ok. They have plenty of markets made for them, but let’s stop fooling ourselves and get all our crazy fans all together instead.

So here was my plan. We all get together at my super cool colorful warehouse and we band together to be a huge group magnet for our kinda people.
Guess what??? It WORKED!
TroubleMAKER Market Tanglewood Sue

They came.

They Bought.

They Learned.

They will be back!

So if you want to join in my misfit party please fill out this form below. If you are approved as a vendor I will email you a link to purchase your spot(s) for out upcoming markets.

Here's what we are looking for:

Original Art, Bold Designs, Irreverent ideas, Crazy Colorful, Upcycled, One-of-a-Kind, Vintage, Kooky Junk, Super Funk

This is a chance for the misfits to have there day so seize yours!

Market Dates are Saturday September 18th and Saturday November 27th from 11-4

Location is the Tanglewood Works Studios

3613 Oak Lane, Mt. Rainier MD


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