Why I'm NOT hosting a Private Paid Group (and how you can keep it that way)

Post sub-title: "A Hummingbird Flew Into My Art"

Seems like 2017 was the year of the PAID Membership GROUP! (Oh the bliss of those days when all we had to worry about was whether the auto payments were working and people were getting their downloads)

I joined the bandwagon and started "BOLD & BRAZEN" which evolved into the Crazy Ass Craft Club AKA CRACC!
Yep... CRACC.

I loved this group and I'm still connected with so many of the members (now friends), but it also stressed the shit out of me. I wasn't stressed about having to create content; I am a content machine! You know me... I've always got an idea or a project, and I've always got so many things I want to teach that I can't hold it all in.

"A Hummingbird Flew Into My Art" Original Art by Tanglewood Sue

The issue for me was twofold.

I never felt like I had given enough. I know; contradictory, right? My group members were drowning in content, yet I felt like if I didn't give above and beyond at all times, they would all cancel their memberships. I also took that personally. This is not good.

Screenshot Facebook Live Session Tanglewood Sue Creating Art

I also continually grappled with determining what content goes in the group, and what should be shared on my Facebook business page. I would say to myself, "Well... those that are paying get the behind the scenes view. The real me. All the adventure. The f* bomb, cocktail hour and mayhem." Okay. What then? Does that leave the public page with a staged and polite Sue? A Sue who gives no secrets away, doesn't show all the steps, and holds back? Who would follow her!?

I'm sure other groups have created a more healthy delineation between paid and public, but I haven't. I'm not saying it won't happen. It's a challenge I may decide to tackle one day (I love a good challenge!).

Screenshot Facebook Live Session Tanglewood Sue creating

Here's what I've learned:

  • Don't take the online whims of other people personally,
  • Too much can be overwhelming,
  • There is no "Paid Group" Sue and an FREE Sue.

I'm never gonna hold back. I'm always gonna be there -- on my FB biz page and on my group page, "Tanglewood Sue's Chalk Paint Creatives" (free: come join us!) -- to show you whatever I can, and help you in whatever way I can. Full throttle because I can't help myself! Ha!!

Unique and Original Tanglewood Sue

So here is my plan: I'm not selling the experience; the experience is FREE. Share the FB LIVE (here's a link to the "Hummingbird Intuitive Painting" video playlist), comment, enjoy. Ask me whatever you want, while I paint for you.

Instead, I will be selling what we create together. The art. The art itself. Not the invitation to the show. The PRODUCT of the show. That means I'll be selling the signed art, but I'm definitely going to explore creating prints of the art. Some art may be perfect to use in jewelry. Pillows, t-shirts - whatever you want the art on - can also be printed. In so many ways, it'll be ours: yours and mine.

Adding metallic shimmer in greens and teals to hummingbird Tanglewood Sue

My hope is that you'll bring a memento of what we create together in to your home, and that it inspires you to create or just lifts your spirits daily. When you own a piece of our time together, I want it to bring you joy. I want you to remember how we laughed together making it.

So let's give this a shot. Let's try to keep the show FREE for everyone who needs some fun and f* bombs in their day. If you can't buy the art just "pay" me by sharing my FB lives and my art-sale promotion posts over and over again. Let's get more people to the party so we can embrace them and inspire them!

"A Hummingbird Flew Into My Painting" Original Art by Tanglewood Sue

This piece was supposed to be just leaves in shades of greens and blues. One of you... was is Lorraine? I think so... said, "I see a Hummingbird." Chris and many more of you said, "I LOVE hummingbirds!" I said, "I dunno how to paint a dang hummingbird!" But I figured it out with all of your help and "A Hummingbird Flew Into My Painting" was created.

"A Hummingbird Flew Into My Painting" Original Art by Tanglewood Sue
Available now:
Head here for PRINTS, Masks, Mugs, Cards... basically anything ya want this fun print on!

To purchase The ORIGINAL, click HERE.

Thanks... and Be Kind Kiddos!
P.S. Here's a PIN for you pin! :-)
"A Hummingbird Flew Into My Painting" Original Art by Tanglewood Sue

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  • Sue youjust keep getting more awesome! I love being able to watch you work and love love listening to you talk, my face hurts most of the time because I am smiling so much or laughing with you. You are an inspiration.
    Thank you for all you do for us and the world!

    Kim S. Joy

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